Since its foundation in 1964 by Mr. Alain Savoie, Savoie Express trucks have come a long way! They have travelled many roads, from the smallest to the largest, carrying excellence and the importance of a job well done wherever they have gone. Even today, with a fleet of more than 40 trucks offering the best possible service is at the heart of everything we do.

Acquisition of the company by XTL

In February 2021, Savoie Express was acquired by XTL, a transportation company with a reputation for excellence throughout North America. This acquisition has allowed Savoie Express to ensure the continuity and succession of its assets and operations. We are proud and happy to know that the work done since the founding of our organization and the heart we have put into it will continue to shine on Canadian and American roads.

Our mission

As a recognized Quebec carrier, Savoie Express’ mission is to provide its customers with a high level of service in the refrigerated transportation of their goods.

Our values


Our team is one of our greatest assets. The exchange of knowledge, mutual support and goodwill are all part of effective teamwork.

The family

The family spirit manifests itself in many ways. Whether it’s through a friendly work environment or through our policies that promote work-life balance, family is a key factor.

Our truckers

The value of the truck driver’s job is without a doubt one of the important pillars of our company. We recognize the value of their efforts, and we work to make each of their runs easier.