Operating throughout North America since 1964, Savoie Express specializes in refrigerated and temperature-controlled transportation of perishable goods. From market garden produce to frozen foods, our team provides you with fast and reliable transportation services. You can count on our extensive experience in refrigerated transportation to deliver your products in the best possible conditions.

Our team

Jean Savoie

Sales and Development
P: 800-676-2524 #2233

Caroline Francoeur

Executive Director
P: 800-676-2524 #2223

Karine Hémond

Controller and HR
P: 800-676-2524 #2222

Virginie Gagnon

Assistant Controller
P: 800-676-2524 #2221

Jean-Philippe Nadeau

P: 800-676-2524 #2231

Jean-Thomas Savoie

P: 800-676-2524 #2229

Lee Donovan

P: 800-676-2524 #2235

Ghislain Marquis

Compliance and Infrastructure Supervisor
P: 800-676-2524 #2228

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